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Go Inside -Yoga with Sheila

When yoga becomes our best ally during confinement… or lockdown.
You can learn yoga while staying inside, respecting the limits of your body, and your state of mind.
Yoga can relieve worry and/or tension caused by confinement, and can reduce stress at home.
With mindful practice, yoga helps us anchor into the present moment and to take a step back from everyday events, chatter in our minds and other patterns.
Confinement these days arouses anxiety in some people. Yoga precisely allows you to free yourself from anxiety or nervousness.
It allows you to step back, keep calm, make better choices and find yourSELF. I love to see that my students  do not want to stop yoga practice during confinement.
They want to continue learning. When practicing yoga at home, stay in tune. with your body.
Wether you join a dynamic or gentle yoga practice with me, what matters beyond practicing the postures, is getting into the philosophy, feeling the benefits of yoga and what awakens in us with every practice.
It is through this emotional and spiritual approach that we can deepen the experience and root down.
One of the reasons why people love yoga practice so much is that we can very quickly feel in balance and feel a calm within us.
Yoga establishes a link between the mind, our emotions and our physical body.
It helps us to channel our emotions.
I used and still use my practice in lifes’ difficult moments to elevate stress and I choose to not get stuck in a negative emotions.
Yoga gives us balance, helps improve breathing and eliminates toxins. We can find calm and serenity more easily and quickly.
Join me anytime for a gentle or more energizing yoga practice.
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