A devoted yoga teacher for over 10 years and inspired by yoga since the early 90s, Sheila Botton also hosts and leads yoga retreats and wellness workshops since 2017. Her yoga style combines and harmonizes various yoga styles creating a flow to uplift and strengthen our bodies, release blocked energy and create alignments both physically and spiritually.

Sheila loves how yoga serves people at all stages of life. “The benefits of yoga practice for the mind, body & soul can be so subtle, yet so powerfully dynamic. I practice yoga in all its forms and make yoga a part of my life to maintain inner & outer strength and balance, a supple spine, a connection to the divine, a youthful essence, and finally to feel peace, love & gratitude.”

Her yoga flow combines Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yang, restorative and often includes breathing techniques, guided meditation & visualization to ignite the chakras. “Through yoga sequences, breath work and meditation igniting the energy centers, we can quiet the mind, tune into our inner voice, make better choices for our high selves and connect to our loving source.” I love to harmonize yoga styles allowing our spirit to play!”


By activating the cels in our body and increasing blood flow, Yoga allows us to free ourselves from blocked energy by creating new alignments physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through yoga sequences and breath work, we can step back, keep calm, make better choices, re-connect with our source and higher selves. I love to see that my students continue yoga practice to maintain proper alignment, strength and balance needed to live healthy during these challenging times.Wether you join a dynamic or gentle yoga practice, what matters beyond practicing the postures, and feeling stronger is feeling all the other benefits of yoga such as alignment, balance and inner peace.Yoga establishes a link between the mind, our emotions and our physical body, and with this awareness and approach, we can deepen the experience, firmly root our feet down to earth, and lengthen with our heads up in the clouds!One of the reasons I love to practice and teach yoga so much is that I can very quickly notice the benefits, improving balance, strength, posture, alignment, and calm. I practice yoga in all its forms to stay fit and youthful, to alleviate stress, and finally to feel peace, love & gratitude.

SUMMER CLAY WORKSHOP (Starting again in 2023) Hand sculpt clay and paint your ceramic pieces!
Enjoy the grounding experience and get creative working on your creations!
At the end of each session, take home a peaceful mind, a happier heart, a stronger body and a beautiful piece of art! 🙏🏼💖🙌
PAY AS YOU GO! 90.00$ per class incl. all materials.

COMBO MEMBERSHIP • 4 Yoga classes + 4 Clay classes @ 325.00$

Options: 10 Flow Yoga classes @ 150.00$ • 4 clay workshops @ 275.00$

PRINTMAKING WORKSHOPS Starting again in 2023
Visit my Facebook page for more details.
Space is limited – TO SIGN UP please send a message through our contact form, or by email: info@yogaventure.ca
You deserve some creative time in nature relaxing your body and let your imagination run…You will you feel like you had a mini-vacation and go home with an art piece hand made by you!

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