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Join Sheila Botton in breathtaking Curaçao! She will be your day-to-day guide for activities and yoga trainer for ying yang flow.
We are overjoyed to bring Yogaventure Curaçao to the world, and cannot wait to welcome you here!


My name is Leticia. About 10 years ago, I started a Yoga practice out of curiosity and to help alleviate back pain. Over a short period of time, the pain went away. At that point, I realized that Yoga was therapeutic for the mind and for the body. For me, Yoga is not only time spent on the mat repeating asanas and pranayama; it is a lifestyle, an everyday practice through acts of kindness towards ourselves, others and the environment around us. The goal of Yoga is to appreciate our bodies, to become aware of our mind, to make peace with who you are and to love. All the benefits of Yoga inspire me to share the amazing experience with others through giving Yoga classes and ayurvedic tips.

My passion for the ocean and nature started when I was a child. I graduated in Biology, became a dive instructor, underwater photographer and Yoga teacher. I love the fact that in Curaçao, I can often practice Yoga outdoors and give Yoga classes right by the shore, listening to the waves, feeling the wind, the energy from the sun and the moon, while connecting mind, body and soul.

“The mind is very powerful but often misused. We can easily become slaves to our thoughts, limiting our potential as human beings. The regular practice of Vinyasa Yoga develops a strong, flexible and resilient body and these characteristics influence the mind,  making it equally flexible and adaptable to change.”


My name is Bärbel. I completed a 200 hour teacher training back in July 2011 in Mystic, CT, United States of America. Lifeline Power Yoga has been changed into Sid Yoga and is based in Towson, MD, USA. This type of hot power vinyasa yoga is also known as athlete’s yoga, however it is open to all levels of experience. In June 2014, David Emerson (affiliated with the Trauma Center in Boston, MA, USA) conducted a trauma sensitive yoga teacher training in Amsterdam. I am doing my best to integrate his teachings into my hot power vinyasa classes, which is a great challenge! Dissociation has become a common factor in daily life, which I am all too familiar with. On the mat, I am hoping to share some of the tools David taught, with my fellow yogis, to prevent dissociation from happening. We learn how to become more present within and throughout our bodies, in order to feel safe, at home…and at ease.


My name is Adriana. I am Costa Rican and have been living in Curaçao for a few years. I started teaching Yoga on the island two years ago. During that time, I found so many magical spots to practice at and those places inspired me to connect my practice with the elements of nature. Curaçao is surrounded by water; according to Ayurveda, we derive nourishment from the element of water. Practicing, while gazing at crystal clear waters that merge into deep blue colors, soothes me and makes me feel emotionally content.

The island is also popular for its strong winds. In Ayurveda, the wind element powers all movements; from the action of your joints to the passage of nutrients through cell walls. I find that an outdoor practice – connecting with the wind–stimulates creativity, gives a sense of power and increases stamina.

At times, when I need grounding, I love to visit the Salt Flats – a popular location where people go for walks. At this spot I connect with the element of earth; a healthy connection to the earth makes you feel stable and grounded, it always gives me a boost of confidence.

I worked very little with the elements before I was inspired to incorporate them to my practice on this beautiful island I call home. I would recommend to anyone visiting to read more about it and practice it in this unique setting!


My name is Angela. I teach yoga because it is a passion and a lifestyle. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, SUP Yoga, Chair Yoga & Kids Yoga. All are perfect for stretching and strengthening. All are perfect for balancing out body and mind. I believe in harmonizing mind, body and will through a unique blend of yogic styles and allowing the spirit to play.