IGNITE your chakras. Dedicated to women. Reconnecting to your DIVINE SELF.

Join us in from the 16th to the 23rd of November 2022.

7 nights  / Exclusive up to 4 guests

Beachfront Luxury accommodation retreat includes:

(see accommodation & rates below)

Two yoga classes per day

• Two full meals a day

• Mid-day healthy bites

• One fruity energizing smoothie a day

• Refreshments

• Tours & Transfers

• Extra cost for activity options 

(ie scuba diving, golf, windsurf, etc)

This Yogaventure retreat is designed to help you slow down while you activate mind, body & soul… Reconnect to your divine feminine energy, heal your heart, clear your mind and create powerful shifts from the inside out. Create a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself and with others while we DISCOVER the island of Curaçao!
I am thrilled to welcome you here to enjoy a truly transformational & adventurous experience! Let this be your path towards a deeper place within yourself from where your inner treasures and desires will reveal themselves. You will be more clear on what it is you want to heal, attend to, move, let go of or invite into you life. Plant the seed, water it with love in the time leading up to this Yogaventure retreat… you will BLOOM  during our week together in Curaçao!

Start every morning with a lovely energetic Yoga session, to prepare your mind, body and soul for re-energizing and playful days.

Connect with your surrounding nature and feel deep awareness & gratitude.


Root Chakra

Day 1- Wednesday/ Root Chakra Day 

Transfer to The Shore @ Blue Bay Beach Resort

Welcome Sunset Salutation – meet and greet.

Yoga flow & Grounding meditation with Sheila

Buffet Dinner

Live music beach vibes

Orientation / Q & A – Overview of the days ahead!

Sacral Chakra

Day 2 – Thursday/ Sacral Chakra Day

Blend of grounding yin yoga & vinyasa flow.

Delicious Soul-food Brunch 

Creation of Wellness Vision Boards Workshop

Free time – Beach time

Sunset Salutation & Sacred Breathwork techniques

Punda Vibes: Evening in town! Dinner* & fireworks!

Navel Chakra

Day 3 – Naval Chakra: Tension-free Friday

Enlighten within: Morning Yoga Flow

Healthy Breakfast

Snorkel, relax and work on your tan.

Light & Lip smacking Lunch

Free time!  Water activity & Massage option*

Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation

Blue Bay Beach Vibes & Bites

Heart Chakra

Day 4 – Heart Chakra: Sensational Saturday

Calm your heart & shine Yoga Flow & Balance


Catamaran trip to the east or west

Lunch BBQ on board /Refreshments/snorkle

Return to Resort

Restorative yoga &  Circle time with topic

Free time ( outing propsotions*)

Throat Chakra

Day 5 – Throat Chakra Sunday

Sunrise Yoga & meditation for a peaceful mind


Beach Day Hop, Snorkle & Yoga

Beach Bites

 The Deep Woman Feminine Energy Activation

Soulfood Dinner & Moonlight Circle Time

Brow Chakra

Day 6 – Third Eye Chakra: Monday Flow   

Release your Chakras Yoga Flow

Light Breakfast

Morning Exploration of the West

Lunch Picnic

Trail walk  & discoveries

Return to resort- Dinner

Crown Chakra

Day 7 – Crown Chakra: Tuesday  Tune-in


Yin Yoga & Journey beyond the physical

SUP Exploration of mangroves 

Pretty Picnic

Return to Resort

Bow to the Crown Yoga Flow

Buffet Dinner – Circle time

*extra costs

* Time and day of some of the activities offered are subject to change.

What happens when like minded people come together for 7 days of connection, exploration, next level energy practices, gratitude & celebration?

There’s just no way to predict exactly what magic will unfold… but we can predict that when we follow our inspiration and our resonance – then life has a way of bringing to us everything we’ve been longing for – and often even more than that.

This Yogaventure retreat is designed for you to open into the next expanded version of YOU.